We wanna make products that last, we do make products that last. If you live 25 hours a day, you know how important it is to be able to rely on the stuff that surrounds you. We are bored of products that die first week after the warranty ends. In our products we use materials that we know will last.

If we can weld we weld. If it can be made out of glass we make it out of glass instead of cheap and not ecological plastic. We simply make sure that when we die, our products are still around.

By this attitude we also lower the amount of CO2 produced by our manufacturing, because if you need one piece forever instead of getting new every two or three years, that simply means that the production can be done in lower volumes.

We produce most of our products in a just-in-time manner. Meaning that the product does not exist, before you order. Once the order is finished, we start with the production. Yes, we do have a small number of in stock product ( namely the wash basins ), but as you may have noticed, it is just units.

We also produce as many of our products as possible locally, minimizing the need of transportation. We hate to see material or semi-finished products transported across a half of the globe.

Detailed info about products comming soon.